Trilo: Travel like a hacker

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I love traveling and program curious (but unuseful) things. From time ago I had the idea of creating a travel blog, but creating another account on for “just another travel blog” didn’t looked like the coolest option, so I had a better idea.

What about combining a simple content generation system like Jekyll, some web services a couple links, and a sunday afternoon? I wanted my page to have some specific things:

  • Have a list of visited countries, show the flags, and have the number of visited cities for each countries.
  • For each country, have a map of the different cities.
  • For each city, have a map with the recomended places, and show them in a map.

The result of this idea is Trilo:

The home page is made by two sets of maps, a world scale, and an europe map. Both maps are created using Google Chart Tools.

The flags are obtained using a web service from a two digit code.

This country code will be used also as a category.


In the countries page, we can find the flag that we obtained before, a zoomed map of the cities and a link to the city page.


For each city, we can generate a static map with the Google Maps API from the city name and from recomendations. We also link with TripAdvicor and Wikipedia for more information.

As I wrote before, the system is based on Jekyll, a Ruby written system that allows us to generate static pages from templates, some code and a little bit of magic. It has been interesting for doing a simple mashup with something not related with computing.

The project is avaliable (and hosted) in


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