My name is Roberto, I’m a software developer, and you can find me working at Codice Software developing Plastic SCM, a distributed version control system that does a lot of cool stuff. I graduated in Computer Engineering by the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid in 2012, and in that time I’ve been leading a student tech club known as UAM.net, as part of the Microsoft Student Partner program.

I love programming and learning about user interface design, for that reason you could also find me on local programming events, usually attending, and in some cases as speaker. I’ve been working with Microsoft technologies for a while, but I also been doing some toy projects in Ruby, Python and recently JavaScript.

This blog pretends to be a brain dump, interesting things that I find on my daily work, related to programming and software design. I also keep a spanish blog where you can find more articles: http://robertoluis.wordpress.com/acerca-de/

For more info you can find my professional profile in LinkedIn


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