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Introducing GitSync: Now Plastic SCM speaks git



In Codice Software we spend our days developing Plastic SCM, a source control management system designed for a corporate environment. Our design philosophy is very similar to Git or Mercurial, in the way that our tool is distributed.

Our main difference is on the enterprise features, we adapt to the existing infrastructures using LDAP and Active Directory as authentication methods, and databases that go from our embedded SQL CE or Firebird, to big solutions like Oracle or SQL Server. We also have our own security layer at server level, repository level, or even branch level, so we can assign specific permissions to the different user roles. (i.e. the release branch can only be modified by the dev-ops employees).

We also have a complete and clean user interface, and integration with the most used IDEs on the market, Visual Studio, Eclipse or InteliJ IDEA.

On our effort to push forward our product, we are announcing GitSync, a new component that allows Plastic SCM to synchronize with a remote git server such as Github or Bitbucket. This will allow us sharing code with other developers who use git as source control version, and also use services like Heroku, AppHarbor or Windows Azure right from Plastic SCM UI (or from our command line client).

We are launching a private beta, you can access at this link. We would love having feedback for you, and we have 10 iPhone 5 to our best testers. Do you want to join?

If you want to know more about the company, please visit us at